Margaret Gilmer & Karen Keane 3

"My mother and I would like to express our profound appreciation for the work you all do.  This service has been a literal life saver for us especially for my mother and father.  My mother who is 88 has been deeply grieving not being able to live with my father because he requires 24 skilled nursing care...  They will be married 54 years in February.  Between your service and family, we can get her there more than just once a week.  Its not just the rides that prompted us to write this letter. It is the kindness and warmth of the drivers that provide such lovely, pleasurable moments for my mom.  You really cheer her up.... You have ALL been a gift to her in your own unique way--such blessings."
"Neighbor Ride's volunteers are courteous, thoughtful and caring individuals. This is a remarkable service that takes the stress of finding a ride and turns it into a positive feeling of community."
" I can't wait for Thursdays when Neighbor Ride comes.  They never let us down and are always on time.  And their cars are always nice and clean!"
“I want to thank you for providing this excellent service. My daughter and I moved to Columbia for its schools and discovered there are also excellent programs here for the aged and disabled. In my view your program tops the list of such services and I have heard of nothing comparable anywhere in this country. Sometimes I feel I must have used every driver on your roster but I continue to get a mixture of old and new ones; this bodes well for a program dependent upon volunteers. Your volunteers are wonderful, capable, friendly and interesting. I’m often reluctant to see the trip end. Keep up the good work!”
“Neighbor Ride made it possible for me to live in my home since I had to give up driving.”
“When my husband and I moved to Howard County eleven years ago, we were active and in relatively good health. Within the next few years, however, we developed various health and vision problems which necessitated finding an alternative means of transportation. The “family car” was no more. Because of Neighbor Ride, we never missed a beat. We call on Neighbor Ride for church and shopping each week, appointments, restaurants and social events. We’re able to remain independent–which is a blessing for our family as well as ourselves. The greatest source of anxiety for “seniors” is the fear of becoming dependent on family. Neighbor Ride allays those fears. One of the greatest bonuses of Neighbor Ride is the valued friendships we have developed with your kind and generous volunteers and staff. God bless them!!  Our life may not be as spontaneous as it once was, but it’s every bit as rich and fulfilling thanks to Neighbor Ride.”

"Neighbor Ride's volunteers are very dedicated to Howard County seniors and their transportation needs. I found my driver especially encouraging, dear and kindly. You guys are a class act that cannot be beat. We seniors certainly do thrive because your volunteers care enough to drive. Please be well and keep up the good work."

"Everyone who works and volunteers for Neighbor Ride has been a joy to know. What a great service you have for the people of Howard County! I don’t know what I would have done without your help!"

"I am no longer a “shut in,” waiting to die. I’m 92 years old and now I can get out just about any time I want. Your volunteers are such wonderful people!"
"In the past, I have been afraid of strangers; but all of Neighbor Ride’s volunteer drivers are so kind and nice to talk to. I would be unable to get to my appointments and be simply lost without these wonderful people."
"Using Neighbor Ride has been one of the nicest experiences of my 92 year old life!  Meeting so many nice people and receiving such great care has been wonderful."
"Over the past year I have used NR many times.  Every single driver has been helpful, safe, and courteous."
"We are so fortunate to have such dependable and reasonable service."
"My driver was such a nice fella.  He was so compassionate and concerned about my health and well-being even though he didn't know me.  It was a pleasure to be with someone with that much integrity."
"I am alone -- all of my family are with God in the heavens so Neighbor Ride is very necessary. You are the best. God bless all."
"Neighbor Ride Rocks!"