“I am alone—all of my family are with God in the heavens so Neighbor Ride is very necessary. You are the best. God bless all.”

Partner with Neighbor Ride

Seniors represent nearly 15% of the population in Howard County today and that number is expected to continue to increase. Partnering with Neighbor Ride helps seniors:

  • Participate in your faith community
  • Live a vibrant life outside your assisted living facility or village
  • Attend appointments at your medical practice
  • Make connections at your civic association
  • Visit your place of business
  • And more!

Since 2004, Neighbor Ride has been providing a safe, friendly and reliable means of senior transportation designed to strengthen connections and help older community members live the life they love. Over the past 15 years, we’ve done more than just get seniors from point A to point B. We’ve empowered them to maintain independence and connect to the people and things that matter most.

The process is simple but makes a big impact. Our volunteer drivers, who are all vetted members of the Howard County community, provide round trip rides to get seniors where they need to go. Along the way, drivers and riders make connections that add value to their lives. Learn more about how it works here.


Our Impact – Neighbor Ride Volunteers…

  • Take 89-year-old Mr. Varshavsky to the gym two to three times a week and have provided him with nearly 700 round-trip rides to the Columbia Association’s Supreme Sports Club so he can maintain his exercise routine.
  • Have kept the music going for Ed, a retired band and strings teacher for Baltimore City and Howard County Public Schools, who relies on Neighbor Ride to allow him to keep playing piano and volunteering with musical productions around the region.
  • Have helped keep 68-year-old Donna healthy before and after a kidney transplant, driving her to and from dialysis appointments more than 100 times and enjoying fun and laughter on the way there and back.

Partnering with Neighbor Ride helps seniors connect to the community and maintain their independence. You can easily manage rides for your group or members using our Ridematch Database, and we offer free and subsidized rides through the Good Neighbor Fund for those who qualify. Neighbor Ride is also proud to be a member of the network CARE app referral system.

To learn more about how partnering with Neighbor Ride can be beneficial for your organization, fill out our request form and we can come to meet and/or speak to your group.